Coherence Group was formed with a vision to significantly improve the returns that companies achieve from  knowledge management applications, learning programs, and process methodologies. Frustrated by static repositories, poor adoption, and low value "knowledge management" systems, companies refuse to invest in impersonal low value computer-based systems. Coherence Group integrates legacy systems and processes to yield greater value from existing content while encouraging migration to more adaptive processes and systems. Our approach encourages conversation, learning, exchange of valuable insights, and collaborative design. We use technology as an enabler, not as an end in itself.  Socail media applications like blogs, wikis, communities, and Twitter can extend the a companies IT platform and facilitate much greater interaction with customers, employees and suppliers.

Business Context

At Coherence Group we map business processes and discover how content enables or disables business process execution. With this understanding we tune existing systems to meet the requirements of people doing the work and improve the efficiency of the process. Using this approach, data, content, and customer conversations are placed within a relevant business context and people become empowered by the experience and learning of others. We recommend programmatic initiatives to drive adoption and user acceptance of new tools and processes. The business landscape is littered with applications that failed because the user experience was poorly designed and training was ignored. We collaborate with clients to carefully plan the introduction of social media, knowledge management and elearning.


New information technologies allow the development of systems that deliver greater value to knowledge workers.  Our approach integrates knowledge, learning and methods applications with your existing technologies in ways that can lower your costs and deliver your high expectations for employee performance and profitability.