Many knowledge management projects stumble or even fail when change management is not properly addressed. Coherence Group pays close attention the change management process, carefully working with clients to identify and mitigate risks.  Using an iterative development process, we design knowledge management processes with users, employing use-cases and scenarios.  This process ensures that users are fully involved with development and integration of processes and technologies.

Communication and training also contribute to a successful implementation.  Planning communications early in the project ensures that users and management are fully appraised of the likely risks and  benefits of the KM systems. Embedding training in the application can facilitate a smooth implentation, so as much as possible we design training into the fabric of the KM application.  For administrators and knowledge managers, training critical individuals in the business can make them evangilists for the new performance enabling technologies.  Making people enthusiastic sponsors of the project influences others to adopt the new systems.

Typically, knowledge managers are more focused on content and the engineering of technical solutions that on the people part of the solution.  Our experience is that you need to work as hard or harder on the people part of the solution if knowledge management is going to deliver the expected value.