Knowledge, Learning and Methods


Peter Drucker wrote that "making knowledge work productive requires 'task study' and 'task management'.  It requires the analysis of the work itself.  It requires understanding of the work steps needed; their sequence and their integration into an organized process.  It requires systematic provision of the information needed and of the tool needed."   This quote encapsulates the work we do at Coherence Group.  The value that we create for companies originates from the analysis of the work itself, who does the work and what information, learning or task instruction is required for employees to perform their work effectively.

Integrating and provisioning knowledge, learning and methods means that

·         Employees understand their tasks and the performance required at every step of a business process

·         Employees  have the information and tools needed to execute their jobs

·         Employees can find the learning required for a task 'just in time', i.e. courseware or electronic learning modules are available on demand

Since knowledge sharing, training, and task instruction are so closely linked, we recommend merging the functional units involved:  Knowledge Management, Training and Development and Quality or Process management.  The combination of these functions would allow you to coordinate the systematic provisioning of the information, tools and skills to enable work processes.  Most jobs today require information processing, judgment and knowledge work of some kind.  Even the most senior leaders in a company have information requirements and need to analyze data in order to make decisions.  Provisioning them with the data, tools and skills that they need to make decisions and to provide strategic leadership is critical.