The problem with Learning, as it is practiced today in many corporations, is that it focuses too much on technology. For example, the investment in elearning is driven by a desire to create, deliver and facilitate learning, anytime, anywhere. Yet, the complexity of the design challenge of presenting effective content, quickly turns the focus away from learning objectives toward technology platforms and functionality. Adding to this complexity, company executives embrace e-learning as a way to quickly reduce training budgets.  It is hard to reconcile these two objectives.

At Coherence Group we recognize that learning professionals must simultaneously manage cost and meet the skills development requirements of the business. We have significant experience designing and deploying learning systems enabled by technology. E-learning facilitates learning in a very personal way. It is frequently a solo activity performed with a particular learning objective in mind. Designing and delivering this type of training is very different that designing and delivering training in any other mode. We are expert at diagnosing business requirements and building content and the technologies that will yield your desired results.