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Cambridge IP offers a range of products and services meeting the IP intelligence needs of the technology sector. It is located in Cambridge, England. Ralph is responsible for building new business in the Americas and providing technical and strategy advice.

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Liminality, Inc. uses a unique combination of traditional and new technology marketing & research tools that can create a unique and deep understanding of your customers. The approach creates meaningful, real-time 'voices' that can be shaped into strategies that demonstrate a deeper understanding of market needs and motivations.  Communitas' products & services, plus methodology takes gathered information and puts them into tangible, meaningful strategic plans. These plans become the basis of your marketing tactics.

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Quoin is a technology consulting firm that builds innovative solutions that engage users and power online services. The firm excels at collaborating with clients to define the most effective ways to use technology in content management, social networking, ecommerce, knowledge management, and other applications. Quoin has built a track record of successful client engagements - creating great software and delivering on time. Qoin offers a range of services including application development, process improvement, tools consulting, and technology support. Quoin has the know-how and drive to build great software.

sigmaflow logo.gif SigmaFlow's enterprise and desktop software solutions elevate corporate process improvement and best practice initiatives to a significantly higher level, reducing learning curves and project completion time, while improving results and cost efficiency.