Intranet portals are hard to build, maintain, and govern

Most companies have invested heavily in intranet, external web-based applications and the infrastructure to support communication with employees, customers and suppliers. In their haste to broaden access to information, companies built their own portals and allowed ad-hoc portal applications to be implemented throughout the organization. This ad-hoc approach creates costs, an environment that is difficult to maintain, and can lead employees to the wrong or outdated information. When it is time to extend the environment to clients, organizations find that their technology choices do not scate well, and the web content management is difficult to manage efficiently. creates greater internal competition for resources and cements costly inconsistencies into the infrastructure and applications.

Coherence Group's has a Better Approach to Portal Design and Implementation

Properly implemented portals can have a positive impact on the performance of an organization. It can enhance employee and customer satisfaction and increase the accuracy and flow of information within a company. At Coherence Group we take a user-centric approach to designing the logical structure of the portal and how the intranet can be designed to guide users to the correct information. Using the collective experience of our expert team we can create a controlled, easily maintained, online resource for your employees, customers, suppliers and partners. Our technical and design teams will work together with you to enhance the effectiveness of the portal, intranet and extranet.

Our approach does not immediately jump to a technology. Understanding user requirements plus how to organize a logical access framework that aligns with business processes, the information architecture of an intranet, and a company's taxonomy, can yield significant improvements to the overall information environment. Technologies can then enable the system, but are not often the first step.

Once the business requirements are understood, Coherence Group has extensive experience selecting, testing, piloting, implementing , and rolling-out portal solutions.