At Coherence Group we are technology agnostic. Technology is an enabler of business process and knowledge management processes can be developed or integrated into many different platforms.  If a company's infrastructure is primarily based on Microsoft technologies, knowledge management applications can use SharePoint and the Microsoft Search Engine.  If a company's infrastructure is based on open source applications there are many different options for building backend databases, search engines, and web pages. 

Today, applications built for team collaboration and sharing provide an excellent starting point for any knoweldge management implementation.  Some technology components may needed to be added, but today most company's have the basic infrastucture for knowledge management.

Technology is really not the hard part.  The hardest part of knoweldge management is identifying the business case, presenting it to management, getting their buyin, and then working within the company to get people to adopt new ways of working.  The benefits may be obvious, but adoption and use creates competitive advantage.