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This is an excellent article, well worth reading. I am glad that Robin pointed it out.

In a highly informative nine-page report published today by Technology Review and entitled "What��s Next for Google", technology writer Charles H. Ferguson reports about the likely strategies, possible outcomes and far-reaching risks that the impending battle between Microsoft and Google......

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The Best Bistros in Paris

I am a big fan of eating in Paris. Via Vinography a wine blog, he lists a ceap eats guide to Paris published in Chez Pim
There are few people I trust more on the subject of French cuisine, and in particular the institution known as the Bistro than my friend and fellow blogger Pim. Her blog, Chez Pim, is the envy of many an epicure, filled as it is with her frequent trips to Paris and infallible knowledge of the dining scene there. As a Christmas gift to all of us, Pim has succumbed to popular demands and posted a list of what she considers to be the best inexpensive meals in Paris. These include both her favorite Bistros, as well as some ethnic restaurants,...

Note to self to examine this document.
Marcus P.Zillman has released a new interesting annotated mini-guide focusing on "Academic and Scholar Search Engines and Sources". This 32-page PDF brings together over 150 of the most interesting resources dedicated to academic research and online bibliographic information. For each......

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I frequently need the tool sets referenced here.

I keep getting asked by my customers what tools should they have handy so they can troubleshoot problems with IIS more quickly.

Having the tools locally provides the admins with the following benefits:

The ability to have a play with the tools before they are faced with a critical situation - i.e. They don't have time to learn how to use a new tool when the server is down etc
The tools have already been approved to be run on the production servers.
There is no hunting for the right tool or trying to get the tool from an internet site into what might a closed network

Here are a list of the most common tools Admins should be familiar with when working with IIS:

MPS reports

IIS Crash/Hang Agent & IIS Dump

ADSUTIL.VBS (this normally is located in the adminscripts folder under c:\inetpub but is sometimes removed

Log Parser 2.0

Debugging tools and public symbol location:

   Windows Debugging Home

   Install Debugging Tools for Windows 32-bit Version 
   (Also includes ADPLUS.VBS)

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer V1.2.1

MetaEdit download;en-us;301386

MetaEdit information;en-us;240225

IIS 6 resource kit

Let us not forget a good understanding of Network monitor and Performance monitor

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