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The economics of sharing

Since most of my work is in knowledge sharing, the new investigations into the economics and motivation of sharing interest me. This article from the Economist summarizes the current thinking and links academic journal articles that pursue the argument further.

"Technology increases the ability of people to share,but will they share more than just technology?",this article in the Economist leads in with.
The economics of sharing

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Finally... IE7

Microsoft will release a new version of Internet Explorer soon according to the the IE Bloggers.  IE7 will come out before Longhorn and the developers insist that they will listen to customers.

This article presents a good list of sites that allow you to send large iles for free. Personally,I am a Yousendit fan, but there are others,
If you need to send a large file to someone without using email, you may want to know which are the services and tools that can be used without needing to be a technician or an FTP expert. Using the......

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Real Tech News

One of my favorite technical sites changed its name from "Alice and Bill.com" to "Real Tech News". In fact the name says it all. I learn a lot from this site, it is unpretentious and informative on exactly the things I am interested in. Good luck!
When we started our blog, we had no idea who would read it except ourselves of course, so we named it Alice and Bill. But now that we're growing and want to expand the coverage to include people who write for us now and then, we were advised to find a new

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What about meems and imeem ?

An interesting new service that may be worth a try.

A meem is a flexible way to describe things that are important to you. imeem provides a way to connect and communicate with friends, family and co-workers. Meems help define ones experience within an imeem network.

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Analyst Michael Gartenberg of Jupiter Research writes on February 3 about imeem in his blog :

"You might not have heard of them yet, but you will after next week. They've been in trials for a while now and are going to be at Demo 15 next week. Think about what happens when you combine the concept of IM, social networks, weblogs and the ability to do things like share files and photos with a circle of friends. imeem is all of that... and more."

With a meem, you will be able to:

* Create a private group that represents all of the members of your family.
* Create a page for your favorite garage band, attaching music samples, photos, video, text and web links.
* Create a group that includes your stock broker, accountant and lawyer to share private documents concerning your estate.
* Create a group of friends and/or family in order to share photos without having to upload them to a remote server.
* Create a web log to chronicle your thoughts or experiences, easily attaching documents or media to support your log.

imeems Privacy policy

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