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I loaded this little app immediately. I have not tride it yet with a friend, but webcam test works and the picture is great!

It was only a matter of time: Skype can now be used (by some people) as a video phone. The Spontania video4skype plug-in offers high quality full-screen video, videoconferencing using the user's Skype contact list, and video P2P capabilities." By Leigh Phillips, Digital Media Europe, May 30, 2005 [Refer][Research][Reflect]



Everyone in my house uses Apple computers except for me.  By default, I am the tech services guy.  Recently I have been installing TIGER on these machines and I have become a bit fan of widgets.  Of course, Apple has implemented this functionality really well.  For Windows, however, I have found two applications that allow you to add widgets to your screen.  One is Konfabulator and the other is Kapsules.  I bought Konfabulator. It has got lots of great widgets, but I want one that measures the speed of my broadband connection.  Unfortunately, only Kapsules has that widget.

Open Source

Congratulations to Chris Lydon who, today, just started to broadcast his new talk show, Open Source, on National Public Radio.  I have missed Chris Lydon for years and "The Connection" on WBUR has not taken the place of Chris's insight and enthusiasm for ideas.  What is so interesting about "Open Source" is that Chris and his team are asking people to participate with programming ideas.  So now, you can participate before, during and after the show on the web.  The "Open Source" blog gives a good description of the site and show's objectives and provides a place to interact with other listeners.  I am really looking forward to this experiment.

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