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Om Malik is one of my favorite web/new technology commentators.  Yesterday he commented on Google in a post entitled "Google, the ultimate deflator" in a post that clearly descibes Google's strategic intent.

Mobile/wi-fi handsets


In a market research firm In-Stat report they predict there will be over 66m mobile/wi-fi handsets in operation by 2009,and worldwide,consumer VoIP subscribers using wireless IP phones will grow from two per cent currently to 73 per cent in that year.

Number of mobile/wi-fi handsets to reach 66m in 2009

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I got this note in the mail tonight.  Incident log is an online crime mapping database service.

Press Release - 8/8/2005

"Boston Crime Mapping with Google Maps"

url:, an online crime-mapping and database service, has announced the addition of Boston Police homicide and violent crime data into it's national database of police and fire events combined with google maps. The Boston feed is updated once per week from public data posted on the Boston Police department's website incorporates this data with Google Maps' recently released application programming interface (API) to pinpoint the location of crimes and incidents on a zoomable/scrollable map. Google's maps differ than competitor mapping strategies in that they are more navigable by allowing users to click and drag

pan the maps in any direction, without having to wait for the web page to reload. was formed in February '05 and currently has a database of 1.5 million events and has over 55 national feeds continuously updated to a freely browsable central database. Users can research neighborhood police reports online at the city or street level and setup alerts to be notified when events occur in areas they wish to monitor.

Future additions will include city-based RSS

police/fire/911 feeds, and radius-searching.

Scott Brodsky


Londonderry NH

National Police Logs, Fire and Rescue Database

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