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Larry Prusak. Tom Davenport, and Don Cohen have a blog that I just came across that is associated with the Working Knowledge Research Center at Babson Executive Education called BABSONKNOWLEDGE.ORG,  They have been posting for about two months and it is worth reading. 

Flock has a built in blogging tool!

Flock has a built in blogging button that pops up a page so that  you can immediately.  It is cool to be able to go to a site and immediately blog about it.  I will connect this browser with my newsreader so that I can blog about content much more easily.

Blogs are market conversations.  This is obviously apparent: there are rich dialogues occurring between suppliers and vendors. However, these concepts need to be pushed further to involve more clients smaller clients, so that industry information can be picked up and categorized in ways that are relevant to all business situations.  This is a clearly defined scope for the 5 houses that could be spent with Family.job for management and with innovation scenario in 2005, firms need to become more coqnisant of the time involved.


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I was determined to meet my productivity goals!  I've processed and processed and processed.

I hope this makes me a better person.  I have even been using the next action button, and the method is quite intuitive.

The problem that I am having is with the sheer number of projects that I have going on.  Keeping up is a challenge.  Having time for thinking is important.

I am wondering if GTD and these methods allow one to substitute activity for thought.  I'd like others perspective.  Please comment.

I had over 2000 emails in my Outlook in-box this morning and while I am a big fan of GTD, I lost my resolve several months ago in the midst of a massive crunch.  So today, I spent the day filing my emails, updating my task lists, and processing my massive backlog. I am very proud of myself and I am sure that others who take choose this path would be proud of me.

Tonight, at midnight, my in-box is entirely empty, nada.  It is scary; it is too clean.

And so, I am confronted by anxiety.  Will I be better organized tomorrow? When will I break my resolve?  What crisis will begin the doom loop towards a mega-full in-box?  They say that virtuous people can control their email and I am firmly resolved to be better behaved.  I am looking forward to hyper productivity.  In fact, I understand my IQ will go up if I refuse to let myself get interrupted by the random flow of emails.  I am looking forward to that.

?[Web 2.0] Pandora Now Free

This is exciting news! 

Pandora is now available for free!

Pandora is a custom radio station that learns what you like and dynamically streams a custom music stream. I’m not a HUGE music guy but I’m amazed at how easy it is to find music that I like and how quickly the playlists adapt where almost every song fits the style I want to listen to.

Pandora previously offered a subscription to the service but now is offering free subscriptions for users willing to put up with a few ads. I don’t think the ads are in place yet but the ability to buy tracks at iTunes or Amazon is likely to generate a bit of revenue as well.

Give it a try. I’m certain you’ll be amazed at how well it works.



If you are interested in Howard Rheingold and The Institute For The Future's “Toward a New Literacy Of Cooperation in Business”(PDF file) project and publication, myself and others have been meshing some of these ideas with micro-enterprise and micro-finance concepts to create a new collaborative micro-enterprise paradigm.

For more info please take a look at the WebDesk through the following link:

Flash Version

Non Flash Version

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