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Most Popular Innovation Articles of the Year from Babson Executive Education: Babson Executive Education publishes a great newsletter called Babson Insight.  In each issue the faculty write aricles on innovation, globalization, entrepreneurship, etc.  The lastest issue lists their most popular articles for 2006.  Included n the list are a number on innovation and entrepreurship like: Lead like the Best Entrepreneurs by Neal Thornberry and Managing Knowledge Worker Capabilities by Tom Davenport.

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Why learn to program
In the post “Why learning to code makes my brain hurt”, Mamie Rheingold explains why it is essential for all…
A focus on transaction cost explains a lot about the economics of the Internet
How a 1930's theory explains the economics of the internet: Ronald Coase discovered “transaction costs” in the 1930s and it…
Importance of Context in Metadata
Listen to this podcast on the importance of metadata in big data.   We need to be able to use metadata…
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