Google Notion of Innovation

Google posits 9 notions of innovation.  These principles have turbo charged Google’s growth

From Joyce Wycoff:

Everyone wants innovation; few want to allow the thinking time required to make it happen.  Google is an exception ... no wonder its earnings are in the stratosphere.  Try this notion on for size:  Employees get a "free" day a week. Sound radical?  Google states that half of all new launches come from this "20% time."  This is one notion of the 9 developed by Marissa Mayer.  See the rest here.

BusinessWeek Online states: Marissa Mayer helps run one of the world's most innovative companies by being an amazing talent finder. As Google's vice-president for search products and user experience, she is the last stop before founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin on the way to final approval of any new feature that appears on the Web's most valuable real estate.

[Heads-Up! on Organizational Innovation]

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