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Triple bottom line


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Lately their has been a good deal of discussion amongst my clients about a concept called the triple bottom line.  I had not heard the term used before, so I looked it up on Wikipedia and found an informative article.  The article states that... "triple bottom line accounting means expanding the traditional reporting framework to take into account environmental and social performance in addition to financial performance."  Some businesses and communities have started to use these measures, defining themselves as "sustainable corporations" and advocating for tax breaks because of their investments. - Ralph Poole


I have a new page on claimID which provides a great way to publish a compilation of pages and content that I am either responsible for or mention my work in learning, knowledge management, technology, and content management.  It is actually gratifying to see how may case studies have been written about my work at Bain & Company, Ernst & Young, and CapGemini.

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