8 Tips on the One Thing for Leadership & Management » Slacker Manager

8 Tips on the One Thing for Leadership & Management » Slacker Manager

I found a great set of leadership tips from the Slacker Manager blog as I was reviewing some of my starred items in Google Reader.  (what a wonderful tool!)

This post refers to  a book by Marcus Buckingham, GO Put Your Strengths to Work - 6 Powerful Steps to Achieve Outstanding Performance.  Here are the nuggets that were copied from the book:

  1. The chief responsibility of a manager is to turn a person’s talent into performance.
  2. Great managers find what is unique about each person and capitalize on it.
  3. Average managers play checkers while great managers play chess - they understand the differences in each piece and coordinate the team to take advantage of the individual strengths.
  4. Great managers spend 80% of their time working to grow an employee’s greatest strength.
  5. Great leader’s rally people to a better future.
  6. Great leaders find what is universal and capitalize on it.
  7. Great leaders muse, pick heroes with great care, and practice their words, phrases, and stories.
  8. Great leaders answer these questions: Who do we serve? What is our core strength? What is our core score? What actions can we take today?


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