The world of ideas thinks for itself: The web mind at warp speed

I have been reading Richard Ogle's new book, "Smart World" which proposes that the world of ideas thinks for itself.  This means that the community does the thinking collaboratively through conversation and sharing idea.  Ideas and the generation of new ideas cannot therefore be understood outside the context of the conversation occuring at the time.  Anne Zelenka discusses this in a post on Gigaom: The Web Mind at Warp Speed and in fact refers to Richard Ogle's book. Essentially she argues that the faster we discus and converse about new technologies or new approaches to solving problems increases the likelihood that new and interesting ideas will emerge along with useful analysis.

I do, however, continue to wonder about reflection and thinking. We no longer seem to give our selves the chance to reflect on what we have learned. Our instinct now is to immediately pull up and shoot.  Perhaps that is required in today's hyper fast world .

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