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Sometimes I star an article in Google Reader that I don't fully read, although I know it relates to something I am thinking about.  I just re-read 10 marketing resolutions for 2008: Church of the Customer Blog. Number 2 suggests that you should build a model of how customers, employees, and partners can meet, share and participate with you company and with one another. Well, it is something I don't do and is a great idea.  The work that I do in knowledge management would really benefit from a conversation with all of my customers, and, since I like the work, and the people I work for, it would be fun.

I have been thinking a lot about my business website lately because I need to update it and an article in Duck Tape Marketing Blog gives good advice: A lesson in marketing from my dear sweet wife  suggests that you have to tell a potential customer on your website what to do with the information that they are reading on your page.  There should be some instruction, if, indeed you want someone to buy something.

It has taken me a long time to set-up my new computer and get all the services I use working correctly again.  Now, I have Windows Live Writer connected to my blogs, I upgraded Movable Type to 4.1, I have Windows Vista Ultimate working, plus all my applications.

I bought the same computer that I had the last time, a Dell Precision laptop M4300, but this time it has two processors and wow, that makes a difference in the speed of the machine.

Since I have been working hard as I simultaneously configure everything, my blogging frequency has suffered, but I am back...

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