Happy Computing Rules

Via my feeds on Google Reader, I found a link to Alex Payne��s blog al3x.net in a post by Louis Gray.  Alex��s recommendations for Computing Happiness are brilliant.  Unfortunately, I have a windows machine, but everyone else in my family has a Mac.  Knock on wood, the Mac��s always work.  I can��t say the same thing about my Windows machines, which I am tinkering with all the time.  He provides rules for software, hardware and file formats. Here is a taste:

  1. Use as little software as possible.
  2. Use software that does one thing well.
  3. Do not use software that does many things poorly.
  4. Do not use software that must sync over the internet to function.
  5. Do not use web applications that should be desktop applications.
  6. Do not use desktop applications that should be web applications.

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