RGE - Fannie and Freddie's Bust and Deeply Flawed Government Bailout

I have found Nouriel Roubini's comments on the economy insightful and on target.  Sometimes called "Dr. Doom" for his gloomy predictions about the world financial markets, Roubini has been exactly on target with his analysis of the timing and depth of the financial crisis.  His latest analysis about the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac solution exposes the flaws in the governments approach to the bailout.

In addition to the article linked to above, Roubini was the academic lead on the World Economic Forum's Financial Development Report 2008. The report provides a rigorous analysis of the world's financial systems and capital markets.


The Financial Development Index captures measures of financial stability related to financial turmoil in the US, UK and other countries. The Index puts these measures in the context of a broader assessment of financial development which we hope will promote a balanced agenda with respect to reform."

 James Bilodeau, Project Manager, Financial Institutions Community

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