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Simple Collaboration via Google Docs

This little video from Beyond the Edge demonstrates how Google docs is used to make collaboration on documents easier.  Even for people who use other collaboration tools, Google docs is sooo much simpler!


Obama’s transition style and leadership

I like the fact the the Obama transition team is having real people, working on the team answer questions. This is Heather Zichal, who takes the bus to work, not some powerful person.  Obama delegates to people well and makes them part of the answer. I like his kind of leadership.  I hope we can improve our energy policy and continue to build enthusiasm for change.

How will Obama use the Web?

Will Barak use Twitter, Plaze, or write a blog?  He has demonstrated that he can master the web during a campaign.  His campaign was probably one of the most successful large scale use of the internet and especially Web 2.0 apps.  I wonder how he will approach it.

See this article in the Washington Post on the expected electronic approach.

Link: 15 Useful Project Management Tools | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine

There is a huge variety of project management applications out there. Most are general purpose apps, not aimed at any one industry. But there is a growing number of project management apps aimed specifically at one industry or another. Applications geared to creative types are becoming more readily available, and some of the offerings are really quite good.

Link: Template: Information Architecture Plan (eGovernment Resource Centre)

Helpful decomposition of IA deliverables

Usability and Information Architecture

Link: Usability and Information Architecture

Design and Layout : Usability and Information Architecture. From Boxes and Arrows a list of Usability articles

Link: Boxes and Arrows: Defining Information Architecture Deliverables [Usability and Information Architecture]

This article is a bit old now but it is still a really good description of the deliverables required when doing an information architecture.

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