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This video provides an excellent and simple introduction to the Semantic Web and at the end provides links to additional sites for more information.  Since I am working in text analysis and exploring how to add metadata, taxonomy, and more descriptive data to content this is very helpful.  Manu Sporny is the co-chair of the RDFa working group at the World Wide Web Consortium. Interestingly, �RDFa helps bloggers and website authors make their web pages smarter by adding machine-readable information to a site. RDFa gives hints to web browsers, which give people more options when interacting with a web page. RDFa enables new interactions such as automatically adding people to address books, adding events to personal calendars, getting directions to a place described by RDFa, or searching online bookstores for a book marked up using RDFa.��

I finally figured out how to make this little application work and it is really cool.  Once you install the Synergy+ app on your main computer and install the same app on your other computers, you can share one mouse and keyboard between multiple machines! 

Interesting features include:

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