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PowerPoint Tips: How not to use it!

Wow,  I have seen all these mistakes and more.  Do you think the laugh track makes the video funnier?

Lean approaches to Software Development

This is a great little presentation on Lean Software development.  It clearly shows where  waste creeps into the development process and demonstrates how a lean approach can accelerate applications that meet customer requirements.

Videoconference Etiquette

I have written about optimizing collaboration experiences before, but today I stumbled upon a good list of videoconference etiquette tips, that I wanted to share. I've learned all these lessons the hard way! I found this list at Rocky Northern Shepherd by Peter Levesque.

Be Prepared

  • Test equipment in advance.  Have a contingency plan.
  • Allow participants a brief "practice session" to familiarize themselves with the equipment and setup.
  • Run the video conference sessions according to a well thought out agenda
  • Let paricipants know ahead of time what to expect and who will be present
  • Set clear objectives regarding what will be accomplished in the session and communicate them to participants
  • Appearance counts. Remind participants that they should dress as they would for an in person meeting.
  • Eliminate stray noises in the room such as fans, ringing telephones, and other audio sources
  • Avoid catered food in one location while others are without.

Lights, Camera, Action

  • Begin and end on time
  • Introduce all participants
  • Identify yourself when you speak
  • Speak clearly and loudly
  • Make eye contact with the camera and with the other participants in your room
  • Use names to direct questions to specific people. Consider using name plates.
  • Don' speak over people or interrupt
  • Don't be too close to the camera
  • Avoid making excessive background noise, like rustling papers
  • Turn off beepers, watch alarms and cell phones
  • Don't leave the room unless absolutely necessary
  • Avoid sidebar conversations
  • Make sure everyone is aware that there is a delay in video and audio switching
  • Be expressive, both facialy and vocally, but excessive body movements can be distractive
  • Avoid frequent changes in the camera zoom or pan during the meeting
  • Mute the microphone during a multi-point conference until you need to speak
  • Do not zoom in full-face on a speaker.

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