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This post is slightly off topic for this blog, but I need help.  What is the best way for me to develop and embed a gallery in a Movable Type site.  My wife's site is  We would like to present a gallery of my wife's work, rather than just slide shows. I want to present a more graphic site than we currently present with more dramatic pictures of the work.  Since it is in Movable Type I would like the best options for that platform.  What are your best recommendations?

I manage a number of sites and I have lots of images that I use. I have, until now, stored these photos in my computer on my hard disk and uploaded them to the various sites when required. Now I am creating of online stores on Etsy and eBay and I think it would be simpler to store the photos on a site that would assign a URL, so the image could be reused on a number of different sites.

Here is what I have done so far, I have three possibilities that I am experimenting with: Picasa, Flickr and Each assigns a URL so that I can reuse the asset. Who has experience doing this? Are there other suggestions for sites that have greater flexibility???

Disk Cleanup has probably always worked this way, but I have been having fits figuring out how to get rid of Windows.old, which contains the previous operating system and files from my Vista implementation.  I got some things I needed from the .old directory, but administratively it is very difficult to delete.

Disk Cleanup a utility that comes with the operating system works.  I got the directions from How to Delete and Remove the Windows.old Folder.  Here are the instructions:


Step by step use of Disk Cleanup to Remove Windows.old Folder

Click on the Start button on the task bar for our task to windows.old removal.
Follow the "All Programs - Accessories - System Tools" path on the Start menu.
Click and select "Disk Cleanup".
When the Disk Cleanup Options dialog screen is displayed select Files from all users on this computer option.
Select the hard disk Drive where the Windows.old folder resides.
The Disk Cleanup utility will scan the driver for not used and unnecessary files.
When the scan is completed check the "Previous Windows installations".
When the wizard requests your confirm to delete the Windows.old folder and its content files, select Delete.

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