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I found this slide deck via Jeff Dirks' post on twitter:  For all of us working in Information Management. Interesting post on Peter Morville's that led me to this post on Peter Morville's blog: 

"Architecture for the Information Age

Yesterday, at IUE 2009, Dan Klyn gave a talk called Now That I See It. I really wish I'd been there. It takes a bit of work to recreate the experience, pulling together the slides and the notes and the tweets, but it's absolutely worth it.

As an extra bonus, Dan has posted a short excerpt from his interview with Richard Saul Wurman. I found it surprisingly refreshing and inspiring."

Here is the post that Peter was referring to.  It is a great discussion of the importance on Information Architecture, User Experience and User interface design.  We are deeply indebted to library science for many of the concepts used today in site design.



Marwan Tarek, has provided an excellent compilation of SharePoint Performance Optimization tips in a recent blog post:

SharePoint Performance Optimizations

Guide to SharePoint Performance Optimizations

Both articles provide links to excellent resources.

Craig Roth writing in Collaboration and Content asserts that:

Companies that come out of recessions in a stronger position than they went in are those that judiciously invest in technology and related processes that let more work get done with less resources as well as reducing costly delays and red herrings when making decisions. And when the market downturn ends - and it will - opportunistic organizations will be in a better position to succeed than those that had hunkered down during the recession.

Difficult economic conditions can create new opportunities that competitors may not be able to envision.  A company that makes smart cost reduction decisions, invests to create greater efficiency, and takes time to learn about their customer's changing business requirements stands a far better chance to emerge from the recession with better margins and a platform for growth.

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